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  • Generators

    Generators by Superpower Electric

    Especially if power outages are common in your area, avoid the frustration and danger of being left without power by seeking generator services from Superpower Electric.

    There have been numerous cases of hurricanes and natural disasters just this year, leaving millions of people without access to power. If you have the proper generator, you and your family do not need to panic about having access to fresh food or communication devices in the case of an emergency.

    Superpower Electric is a leading certified distributor of Generac portable standby generators in New Jersey. We have the generator you need to protect against the unpredictable effects of a natural disaster, storm, or unfortunate human error.

    A power outage can be devastating, resulting in the destruction of electrical appliances and equipment you would depend on for health and medical assistance.

    If you rely on electronic medical equipment in your home, it is vital to have an electrical backup generator. We take pride in our role in protecting your home as a leading distributor and installer of residential backup generators in Central New Jersey.

    Portable & Standby

    Protecting your home and family from power outages and the resultant increase in electrical damage is yet another benefit of installing portable or standby generators.

    It is recommended that anyone considering the installation of home backup generators in New Jersey have their home inspected by a certified technician to determine the proper unit for their household.

    Superpower Electric is a not only a certified dealer and expert in the installation of portable, standby and residential backup generators in New Jersey. They are also a fully licensed electrical contractor who has happily met the electrical needs of Central New Jersey householders since 1993.

    There are still more advantages for homes having portable standby generators in New Jersey:

    • They are recommended by the American Red Cross.
    • They run on natural gas or gasoline.
    • They start up automatically when the power goes out – protecting your home and property whether you’re there or not.
    • They shut down automatically when the power returns.

    Superpower Electric has made protecting the people of Central New Jersey our top priority. Our Generac portable and standby generators have been rewarded with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

    Manual Transfer Switch

    Superpower Electric’s Consumer Guide to Manual Transfer Switches:

    Safely and easily deliver power from your portable generator to your home’s electrical panel during a power outage with Generac Manual Transfer Switch. According to Generac, once installed, our manual transfer switch eliminates the need to run multiple extension cords through open windows and doors and allows you to safely power hard-wired items like your furnace or well-pump.

    What is a Manual Transfer Switch?

    Manual transfer switches are devices that transfer electrical loads to an alternate or standby power source. They are required by the National Electric Code, as they provide safety protection from “back feeding.”

    Back feeding occurs when a generator is connected directly to your home’s wiring. It can be a significant safety hazard, as it electrifies circuits that could otherwise be presumed dead. Superpower Electric protects you, your family, and your home by expertly installing all of our generators along with top grade manual transfer switches.

    There are three main options for manual transfer switches for residential use:

    • Whole-home manual transfer switches are installed between the utility meter and the primary load center.
    • Subpanel transfer systems use a small load center which consists of only the circuits that will be powered by the generator. The sub-panel is powered alternately by a built-in or separate switch from either the standby generator or the main panel.
    • Load-side transfer switch systems use multiple manual transfer switches connected after the branch circuit breaker and in a single enclosure. There is a switch for each circuit to be powered by the standby source.

    Our manual transfer switches are installed with your convenience in mind. They can be mounted on the wall next to your electrical panel, and connected to the circuits you’ll need during a blackout. When you lose power, you crank up your generator and flip the switches for the circuits you want running.

    Manual transfer switches from Superpower Electric are sold pre-wired with up to six circuits protected. You can back up selected lights, appliances, and hard-wired items during a power outage. If your installation is unique, Superpower Electric can provide you with a transfer switch that has interchangeable breakers, and modify it to suit your individual needs.

    We are a full-service licensed electrical contractor who has been happily meeting the electrical needs of homeowners in Central New Jersey since 1993.

    For “Power at the Speed of Light” call Superpower Electric at (732) 851-8487 or book online, day or night!